How to PATCH a SharePoint Choices Column in Power Apps

How to PATCH a SharePoint Choices Column in Power Apps

PATCH A SharePoint Choices Column With Multiple Values In Power Apps


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of patching a SharePoint Choices column with multiple values using Power Apps. From generating a new SharePoint list, selecting options within the SharePoint interface, to crafting your canvas app in Power Apps and integrating with your designated data source, every step is meticulously detailed. Along the way, we’ll utilize ComboBox properties, the PATCH function, and delve into the importance of the On Select property.

Open Your SharePoint list

Generate a new SharePoint list by creating new custom list.


Choose the designated list.

In the SharePoint interface, kindly select the option to create a new blank list.


Please enter the name of your SharePoint list in this field.


Generate a new column using the ‘Create New Column’ functionality.”


To create a Choice type column, please select ‘Text’ from the available options and proceed.

Specify the column name to be incorporated into the ‘Name’ property.

Customize the list by adding the choices that align with your preferences and requirements


Proceed to the next step by creating your Power App

Kindly choose the ‘Create’ button.


To commence the creation process, kindly choose the ‘Blank App’ option.


To initiate the creation of your canvas app, kindly proceed by selecting the ‘Canvas’ option.


Please input the name of your application into the designated field and also make a selection for the desired formatting, either ‘Tablet’ or ‘Phone’. 

Tailor the application to align seamlessly with your specific requirements and preferences.

Establish a connection between your Power App and your designated data source. 

Add a Data Source: 

  • In the Power Apps studio, go to the “Data” tab in the left-hand menu. 


Select a Data Source: 

  • Click on “Add a data source” to browse and select your data source. Common options include SharePoint 


Connect to Your Data Source: 

  • Depending on your chosen data source, you’ll need to provide connection details, such as the SharePoint site URL 

  • Copy your SharePoint list link and past it into this input field.

Incorporate Combo box from insert section on your left side 

  • Set the Items Property: 

  • In the ComboBox properties pane on the right, you will see an “Items” property. 

  • To add static values to the ComboBox, you can simply provide a list or array of values directly in the Items property. For example: 

					["Option 1", "Option 2", "Option 3"] 

Incorporate a button to enable the ‘Patch’ operation. 

Compose a PATCH function within the On Select property of the button. 


    'PATCH SharePoint Multiple Line Text Column', 

    Defaults('PATCH SharePoint Multiple Line Text Column'), 

    {choicepatch: ComboBox2.Selected} 



    "Data has been successfully applied or updated.", 




We’ve navigated the multifaceted process of integrating SharePoint and Power Apps to patch a Choices column with multiple values. By following the illustrated steps, from initializing a SharePoint list to crafting functions within Power Apps, you are now equipped with the know-how to tailor applications to your unique needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality.

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