Power Apps Tip: Hide The Navigation Bar In Play Mode 

Power Apps Tip: Hide The Navigation Bar In Play Mode 

Power Apps Tip: Hide The Navigation Bar In Play Mode


This blog post provides a tip for Power Apps users on how to hide the navigation bar when the app is in play mode. This enhances user experience by eliminating potential distractions. The procedure involves clicking the share button, copying a specific PowerApps code, and then pasting and searching for this code in the search bar.

First, Click on the share button  

Now Copy this PowerApps code 

Paste this code into the search bar and search  

🚨 Important Note:
For this process, it is necessary that you have a Microsoft account logged in, in the browser, the same account in which the app is bullied. 


Hiding the navigation bar in Power Apps during play mode can offer a cleaner and more user-friendly interface. Following the simple steps outlined in the post, users can easily achieve this. However, it’s crucial to ensure that one is logged into the browser with the same Microsoft account used for building the app for the process to work effectively.

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Advanced Usage Tips:

For those who are frequent users of Power Apps, it’s always a great idea to keep up with the latest updates and functionalities. Remember, hiding the navigation bar is just one of many ways you can streamline the user experience. As the platform evolves, expect more tools and settings to maximize efficiency. Be proactive in checking the Power Apps community forums and stay connected with our experts who provide invaluable insights and hacks for app development.

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