How To Use Custom Fonts In Power Apps

How To Use Custom Fonts In Power Apps

Font Adventures in Power Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide


This guide takes readers on an exciting journey to explore and integrate custom fonts in Power Apps. By following a step-by-step approach, one can easily set up a font exploration tool using a Vertical Blank Gallery.

Step 1: Setting the Stage

Imagine you have a canvas where fonts can dance and showcase their uniqueness. Let’s create that canvas:

Open your Power App in Edit mode, or create a new one if you’re starting fresh.

Step 2: The Gallery Magic

Now, let’s set up our magical canvas, the Vertical Blank Gallery:
Find the “Insert” option in the left-hand menu.
From the menu, select “Gallery.”
Among the gallery types, choose “Vertical Blank.”
This blank canvas is where the font adventure begins.

Step 3: Fueling Your Font Journey 

With the gallery in place, it’s time to load it up with fonts:

Select the gallery you just added. 

Over on the right, you’ll find the “Properties” pane. 

Locate the “Items” property. 

Now, paste in this modified list of fonts, handpicked for your creative journey: 

					["Agency FB","Algerian","Arial","Arial Rounded MT","Bahnschrift","Baskerville Old Face","Bauhaus 93","Bell MT","Berlin Sans FB","Bernard MT","Blackadder ITC","Bodoni MT","Bodoni MT Poster"]

Step 4: Making Fonts Talk

Our gallery is like a stage, but the fonts need a voice. Let’s give them one:

Click on the gallery to select it. 
In the toolbar, choose “Insert” and then “Text.” 

Now, for the magic trick! Set the “Text” property of this Text control to display the font name. You can do this using
the Gallery’s
It’s as simple as this:


Font: ThisItem.Value 

You can add each font to a label. Simply insert a label control and set the font name in the Font property using double quotes, like this:

In this way, you can change the font to any font you According to You
Conclusion: Your Font Odyssey

Power Apps has unlocked a world of fonts for you to explore. Each font has a story, and you’re the storyteller. So, go ahead, create, and let fonts be your muse on this design adventure!


Navigating the world of fonts in Power Apps has never been easier. With this guide, designers and enthusiasts can now explore a vast array of fonts and use them creatively in their designs. Fonts are more than just letters; they are storytellers, and Power Apps has unlocked their potential.👍

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