Adding a Blank Value to a Dropdown in PowerApps

How to Add Blank Value to Dropdown in PowerApps

How to Add Blank Value to Dropdown in PowerApps: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Dropdown Flexibility in PowerApps


PowerApps stands out as a pivotal tool in today’s app customization landscape. One frequent user request is to introduce a blank or neutral option in dropdown menus. This guide will elucidate this process, emphasizing improved user experience and adaptability for varying application contexts. Using SharePoint as our datasource, delve into the simple coding nuances to achieve this on the OnStart property.

A Step-by-Step Implementation:

Utilizing SharePoint for Dropdowns – Introducing a Neutral Choice

Initial Setup:

Prepare the dropdown list, populated with choice values from SharePoint, to incorporate a neutral or blank selection.

OnStart Code Implementation:

Apply the code below to the OnStart property of your app:

					ClearCollect(Myblankcol,{Value:Blank()},Choices('YourDatabasename'.'Expense Type')) 

Deploying the Collection:

Assign the collection name (Myblankcol) created earlier to the item property of your dropdown.

Finishing Touches:

To witness the implemented changes, ensure you save, refresh, and then restart your application. After this, the dropdown list in PowerApps will proudly present the neutral choice.

Adding-collection-in item-property-of-dropdown-in-powerapps

So, a blank value is added to the dropdown list in power apps.



Incorporating a blank or neutral choice in dropdown menus transcends being merely a design feature. It’s an embodiment of PowerApps’ adaptability and tailoring prowess. This straightforward tactic doesn’t just promise an enriched user interaction but also elevates form completion precision. Always bear in mind, post any alteration, saving, refreshing, and rebooting the app remains crucial.

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