Tooltip Line Breaks in Power Apps Guide to Multi-line Tooltips and Hint Text

Tooltip Line Breaks in Power Apps: Guide to Multi-line Tooltips and Hint Text


The Power Apps Multi-line Tooltips Guide is your essential resource for mastering line breaks in Power Apps, elevating the overall user experience. Dive in to explore.

Mastering Multi-line Tooltips in Power Apps

While tooltips and hint texts offer supplemental information to users, their efficiency skyrockets when the information is organized. This is where the power of line breaks comes into play, ensuring that dense information is presented in an easily digestible manner.

For a number of developers, the process might seem straightforward. Yet, many find themselves in a conundrum, especially after failed endeavors using commonly suggested escape characters like or char(13).

The secret? It’s all in the formula bar. By directly entering the desired text with line breaks into this bar, you can ensure your tooltips appear as multi-lined text during runtime, leading to improved legibility and user experience.


Enhancing Tooltips with Special Characters

One caveat of Power Apps is that it interprets tooltips and hint texts as unformatted text, thereby negating the feasibility of rich text features like bold or italics. The silver lining? You can still enhance the appearance of your text by embedding special characters.

Consider the example below:

"Prior to logging an issue:
• When did the problem begin?
• Were there any recent alterations?
• Did you consider rebooting your system?"

This approach of incorporating bullet points or other special characters can significantly augment the user’s experience, making the tooltip or hint text more visually appealing and easier to decipher.

Reference: HTML text control in Power Apps


Final Thoughts

Introducing line breaks and special characters in tooltips and hint text can greatly transform user experience, making interactions more intuitive and productive. Embrace these methods and keep experimenting to find what best resonates with your audience. And always remember, for any challenges or queries,
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