Power Apps Browser Compatibility The Future Without Internet Explorer Support (2020 Update)

Power Apps Browser Compatibility: The Future Without Internet Explorer Support (2020 Update)


Power Apps Browser Compatibility: The Future Without Internet Explorer Support (2020 Update)

With advancements in technology, browser compatibility has become a paramount concern, especially for businesses that rely on web apps like Power Apps. Many have been questioning if Power Apps still supports Internet Explorer (IE) in 2020. In this post, we delve deep into this topic to address these concerns.

Why Do Organizations Still Use Internet Explorer?

Even in the age of modern browsers, many users within organizations continue to depend on IE. According to recent data from May 2020, IE’s market share stands at a mere 5%. However, in corporate settings, this figure is much higher. This is largely because many legacy web applications within enterprises operate optimally with IE due to their reliance on components like ActiveX.

Additionally, IE provides the unique ability to access local files and UNC file paths through direct file links, a feature not supported by browsers like Chrome or Edge owing to security restrictions. Consequently, many users prefer IE to avoid the hassle of toggling between browsers.

Power Apps and Internet Explorer: The Current Scenario

As of May 2020, Power Apps continues its support for IE. Nevertheless, this is about to change. Microsoft has officially announced the discontinuation of IE support. By August 2021, Power Apps and other products under the Power Platform will no longer be compatible with IE. Users of Dynamics 365 and other related Microsoft products are advised to transition to Microsoft Edge for an uninterrupted experience.

Browser Support for Power Apps in 2020

The following desktop browsers are compatible with Power Apps as of 2020:

  • Google Chrome: Latest three major releases
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest three major releases
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 11 (Compatibility View should be off)
  • Mozilla Firefox: Latest three major releases
  • Apple Safari: Version 13 and later

For comprehensive details and an updated list, please refer to the official Microsoft documentation here.

Common Issues with Internet Explorer

While IE 11 remains supported, it isn’t without its issues. Ensuring that IE’s compatibility mode is off is essential for a glitch-free experience. Users encountering problems should also ascertain that they are running the most current version of IE 11.

Among the frequently reported issues are functionality and appearance anomalies when embedding Power Apps in links or iframes. Some users have also faced authentication issues in IE, often manifesting as an endless loop. Adding Power Apps websites to the trusted sites often rectifies these infrequent problems.

Transitioning to Microsoft Edge

Given the imminent cessation of IE support by Power Apps, guiding users towards browsers with continued support is crucial. Here’s a tip to facilitate this transition: while creating hyperlinks to Power Apps in portals or other platforms, you can use a specific prefix to ensure the link opens in Microsoft Edge. For instance:

            <a href="microsoft-edge:https://apps.powerapps.com/play/<appID>?tenantId=<tenantID>">
               Launch PowerApp in Edge Browser

By doing so, when an IE user on a Windows machine with Microsoft Edge installed clicks this link, the target page will launch in Edge, ensuring a seamless experience.


While Internet Explorer continues to have its niche users, the future is leaning towards more modern and updated browsers. With Power Apps discontinuing its support for IE by August 2021, now is the opportune moment for users and businesses to shift to alternative browsers like Microsoft Edge. Such a transition will not only offer a better user experience but also ensure continuous access to vital platforms like Power Apps.

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