Implementing the Power Apps Attendance App for School Resumption During COVID-19

Implementing the Power Apps Attendance App for School Resumption During COVID-19

Implementing the Power Apps Attendance App for School Resumption During COVID-19

Adapting to the new normal during COVID-19 requires innovative solutions, especially for educational institutions. The “Power Apps Attendance App” or the “Return to School” app offers a comprehensive solution for schools planning to resume operations safely. Should you need specialized guidance or further details, kindly contact us.

A Close Look at the “Return to School” App

Launched recently, this free-to-use app aims to smoothen the transition for schools as they adapt to post-pandemic operations. Curious about its features, installation process, and how it can benefit your institution? Dive in to get acquainted.

App Features & Capabilities

The “Return to School” app is structured into three segments. The initial segment is a model-centric app allowing staff to streamline operations. The second is a portal-based app granting access to students, guardians, and other users. Lastly, it offers reporting functionalities via Power BI.

Central to this app is the pass generation feature, which issues permissions for students to attend school on specific days. Students can apply for these passes through the portal app. Upon attending, the app logs the student’s attendance, creating a record for each visit.

Further enhancing its utility, the app facilitates appointment scheduling for COVID tests. Post the appointment, results can be viewed on the portal app. If a positive case emerges, the app can manage subsequent investigations, monitoring, and essential contact tracing.

App Costs & Licensing

Although free to download from the official website, the app adheres to the standard licensing model. Staff accessing the model-driven facet need either a per-app or per-user license. Likewise, the portal app’s licensing model is based on the number of page views, affecting costs for external users like students and parents.

Installing the App

Installation encompasses the model-driven and portal apps, including the database setup via app source. Navigate to the “Return to School” app page and click “Get it now” for a smooth walkthrough of the installation steps. A prerequisite involves creating an empty portal app, and the process validates the existence of a legitimate per user/app license. Notably, the app is compatible solely with US environments.

Exploring the Portal App

Upon successful installation, users can delve into the portal app. The default configuration facilitates local authentication, meaning students can register with an email address. Within the portal, students can request passes, schedule COVID tests, and access their test outcomes. The “Create pass” utility ushers students through a series of queries, showcasing an exemplary multi-page web form for data collection in portal apps.

Insights into the Model-Driven App

Designed primarily for staff usage, this facet of the app offers tools to manage critical data, from school locations and COVID testing sites to questionnaires. An integral feature is the creation of a case record in case of a positive detection, embodying a “business process flow” in model-driven apps. This flow methodically assists the user through stages of investigation, monitoring, and case resolution.

Deployment & Implementation

Ensuring a seamless deployment, the app includes a trove of resources. Accessible through the official link, these resources span PowerPoint presentations detailing proposed timelines and milestones, and essential user onboarding documentation.


For educational entities and organizations aiming to reestablish normalcy, the “Return to School” app presents an invaluable tool. Encompassing model-driven, portal, and Power BI components, it manages on-site visits, tests, and response mechanisms post a positive COVID detection. As the world slowly reverts to routine, this Power Apps Attendance App is a beacon for schools aiming for a safe, systematic return. Require further assistance or thinking about adopting it for your school? Do reach out to us for expertise and support.

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