Mastering PowerApps Delegation Techniques to Bypass the 5002000 Row Limit

Mastering PowerApps Delegation: Techniques to Bypass the 500/2000 Row Limit


Unlock the potential of PowerApps Delegation by mastering techniques to overcome the 500/2000 row limitations. In this guide, we provide effective strategies for robust and scalable solutions in the face of these constraints.

Why Bypass PowerApps Row Limitations?

The row constraints in non-delegable queries often present challenges. Overcoming these is crucial for numerous reasons, such as enabling efficient data aggregation for reports, enhancing search capabilities, and ensuring scalability.

Using Collections for Delegation

One revered solution to this limitation originates from a post by Mr. Dang. While the original guide, packed with details, is a gem in its own right, we offer a concise overview of the technique for better comprehension.

Essentially, the strategy revolves around leveraging the ForAll loop. The idea is to accumulate records in local collections, segmented into batches of 500. Here’s a snapshot of this methodology:

            UpdateContext({startEntry: First(datasource)});
            UpdateContext({endEntry: First(Sort(datasource,EntryId,Descending))});
            UpdateContext({maxLoops: RoundUp((endEntry.EntryId-startEntry.EntryId)/500,0)});

                AddColumns(AddColumns(Filter(CenturyChart,Number=startEntry.EntryId+startPoint && EntryId<startEntry.EntryId+endPoint)


  1. Collect, Clear, and ClearCollect functions
  2. UpdateContext function

While this technique offers an effective workaround, it’s essential to be aware of the potential impacts on performance and ensure you’re optimizing as necessary.


Delegation in PowerApps, particularly when dealing with row constraints, demands a deeper understanding and strategic approach. Leveraging collections, as illustrated above, offers a viable solution, but it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons concerning your unique scenario.

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