Addressing the Grey Apps Screen Issue in Power Apps Editor

Addressing the Grey Apps Screen Issue in Power Apps Editor

Encountering unexpected issues like the “grey apps” screen in Power Apps can be daunting. In the ever-evolving world of Power Apps, occasional glitches arise, and one such prevalent issue is the editor showing a blank grey canvas. This guide offers insights and solutions to navigate this challenge.

Understanding the ‘Grey Apps’ Phenomenon

Over time, numerous users have voiced concerns regarding the Power Apps Studio not loading applications as it should. Instead of the familiar editor layout, users are met with an empty, grey expanse. Distinctly, while the left-hand navigation remains visible, the main editor body stays blank, offering no interactivity.

The Possible Culprit

Preliminary insights suggest this “grey apps” phenomenon might have emerged post a recent Power Apps update, specifically version v3.23075. Interestingly, a higher concentration of these reports seem to originate from users in the Australian and broader APAC regions. Delving deeper, modern controls within the app are under suspicion. Addressing these controls might provide relief from this bug.

Steps to Navigate the Grey Screen Dilemma

As this issue is recognized as a bug, we anticipate a swift resolution from Microsoft. Meanwhile, if your workflow demands immediate editing, consider rolling back the app’s authoring version.

The caveat is the possible greying out of the toolbar, inhibiting access to the settings. In such a scenario, the Alt-F keyboard shortcut emerges as a savior. This combination triggers the backstage view.

Upon activation, navigate to the settings and, under the support section, opt for a previous editing version. This step should restore your app to an editable state.



Navigating technical glitches, like the “grey apps” screen, demands patience and informed actions. By understanding the underlying causes and adopting the aforementioned measures, seamless app editing can be reclaimed. If challenges persist or you seek further guidance on Power Apps or related technical realms, our team is ready to assist. Contact us for expert insights and solutions.

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