How to Set Up Power Apps Back Button on Android for Screen Navigation

How to Set Up Power Apps Back Button on Android for Screen Navigation


Navigating between screens with the back button in Power Apps on Android devices can get intricate. To achieve a smooth user experience, you must grasp the right settings. Explore this guide to understand these settings deeply.

The Back Button Configuration in Power Apps for Android

A while back, Microsoft introduced an experimental feature for Android users. Subsequently, this feature allowed the back button on an Android device to return the user to the previous screen instead of closing the app. You can enable this through the app settings. More insights appeared in a past article.

Recent Changes and Potential Confusions

After a recent Power Apps upgrade, a glitch impacted the OnStart property. Suddenly, there was a new way to modify the Back button behavior using the app node. However, a challenge arises: What if both areas have conflicting settings? Which one takes precedence?

Experimenting with the Back Button Settings

Driven by curiosity, two apps were crafted. In one, settings solely activated the “Android back button.” In the other, only the App node triggered the “Back enabled” option. Interestingly, in both scenarios, the back button made the user exit the app, not return to the prior screen. But when combined in a third app, the back button performed seamlessly, guiding users to the last screen.


For effective back navigation on Android devices with Power Apps, you must turn on both the “Android back button” and the “Back enabled” options. Moreover, we hope that when this feature becomes mainstream, its setting will be more intuitive, minimizing confusion.

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