Mastering GroupBy Average in PowerApps A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering “GroupBy Average” in PowerApps: A Comprehensive Guide


How to Group By and Find the Average in PowerApps

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on utilizing the “groupby average” functionality in PowerApps. If you’re dealing with large sets of data and need a way to categorize and compute averages efficiently, then you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through the process, providing a practical example to enhance understanding.

Example Data: Travel Expenses

Imagine you have the following travel expenses and want to find out the average cost for each item:

Date Item Value
1/1/2020 Hotel 1050
1/1/2020 Food 30
1/2/2020 Food 75
1/3/2020 Hotel 1300
1/3/2020 Food 50
1/4/2020 Flight 800


Our goal is to group the data by the item and calculate the average cost for each, leading to the following expected results:

Item Average Value
Hotel 1175
Food 51.66666667
Flight 800

Solution Code

Here’s a simple code snippet that will allow you to achieve the desired result:

    // Initialize the collection with data
    {Date: Date(2020,1,1), ItemType: "Hotel", Cost: 1050},
    {Date: Date(2020,1,1), ItemType: "Food", Cost: 30 },
    {Date: Date(2020,1,2), ItemType: "Food", Cost: 75 },
    {Date: Date(2020,1,3), ItemType: "Hotel", Cost: 1300},
    {Date: Date(2020,1,3), ItemType: "Food", Cost: 50},
    {Date: Date(2020,1,4), ItemType: "Flight", Cost: 800}

    // Compute grouped average
                GroupBy(expenseData, "ItemType", "GroupedExpenses"),
            "Average Cost", Average(GroupedExpenses, Cost)


Reference: Collect, Clear, and ClearCollect functions

If you encounter challenges or need additional guidance, remember: We’re here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any technical help. We’re more than happy to guide you and even offer specialized solutions that may incur a fee.


Relevant insights
  1. GroupBy Average in PowerApps is essential for efficient data handling.
  2. By understanding GroupBy Average in PowerApps, you can streamline data processing tasks.
  3. The GroupBy Average in PowerApps method aids in accurate data representation.
  4. For beginners, mastering the GroupBy Average in PowerApps is a game-changer.
  5. The GroupBy Average in PowerApps technique is widely adopted for data categorization and average calculation.


Computing the average from grouped data in PowerApps is straightforward once you grasp the key concepts. By mastering the “groupby average” method, you’ll be better equipped to analyze and interpret your datasets effectively. For more insights and help on PowerApps or any other technical topics, don’t forget to reach out to our team!

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