Utilizing the Office365Users Connector to Update Office 365 Profile Details

Utilizing the Office365Users Connector to Update Office 365 Profile Details

Introduction: In the evolving world of collaboration, updating profile details on platforms like Microsoft/Office 365 can be essential for efficient teamwork. Whether you’re aiming to showcase past projects or want to update basic details, the office365users connector can make it seamless. This blog will walk you through how to optimize this feature.

To enhance collaboration within a Microsoft 365 organization, users have the ability to share their Office 365 profile details. These can range from basic information like name and email to more comprehensive details such as past projects and skills.

Accessing Microsoft 365 Profile Details:

It’s easy to view and modify your profile details. Clicking on the profile image at the top right corner of the Maker Portal or any other Office 365 application, and selecting ‘My Office Profile’ will lead you to a comprehensive view of the data you can update and share with your peers.

Modifying Profile Details from Your App:

To make changes from within an application, initiate by adding a connection using the Office365Users connector. This post will focus on three vital methods:

  • MyProfile – Fetches the current user’s profile details
  • UpdateMyProfile – Modifies the current user’s profile details
  • UpdateMyPhoto – Changes the profile picture for the current user

For in-depth details on the Office365Users connector, consider checking Microsoft’s official documentation.

Simple Updates – Modifying “About Me”, “Site”, and “Birthday”:

The UpdateMyProfile method lets you edit sections like “about me”, “site”, and “birthday”. Below is an example of its usage:

    aboutMe: "I'm an enthusiastic app developer", 
    mySite: "www.exampledomain.com", 
    birthday: DateValue("1982-05-24")

Changing Profile Photo:

To refresh your profile picture, employ the UpdateMyPhoto method. You can use the “add picture” control and the following syntax:

Office365Users.UpdateMyPhoto("image/png", UploadPic.Image)

Enhancing and Inserting Projects, Expertise, Educational Details, and Hobbies:

Your Office 365 profile allows storing a variety of details. Modifying these lists involves a slightly intricate method since we need to pass a data table. To include a new item, the pre-existing items must first be obtained. Here’s how you can add a project named “Advanced Power Apps Development” to a user’s project list:

ClearCollect(projectCollection, Office365Users.MyProfileV2().pastProjects);
Collect(projectCollection, {Value: "Advanced Power Apps Development"});
    pastProjects: projectCollection

Adopt the same strategy for updating interests, academic history, and skills lists.

Conclusion: Office 365 presents a platform where users can effortlessly input and share profile details with others in the same organization. This guide highlighted the techniques to update various profile segments, encompassing photos and lists of values such as previous projects. If you face any challenges or require further technical guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is always here to assist and ensure you get the best out of your Office 365 experience.

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