Enhancing Power Apps Collaboration An Insight into the New Comments Feature

Enhancing Power Apps Collaboration: An Insight into the New Comments Feature


Mastering Power Apps Collaboration: A Guide to the New Comments Feature

The new comments feature in Power Apps Studio transforms collaboration among app builders. It lets you add design-time comments, boosting the app-building experience. Delve into this blog to uncover its vast functionalities and learn how it operates. Feel free to reach out if you need further insights or assistance.

Power Apps Studio: Advancing Team Collaboration

Microsoft continues to refine Power Apps Studio, introducing the ability to insert comments during app development. This feature serves a dual purpose; it’s ideal for personal notes and for teamwork on shared projects.

Steps to Add Comments in Power Apps

When adding comments, you enjoy a lot of flexibility. Link them to screens, the app object, or specific screen controls.

  • To start, right-click the element you want to comment on. For example, right-clicking a label will show you the ‘New comment’ option, which opens the comments panel on the right. Type your comment there.
  • A quick tip: pressing ‘ctrl’ + ‘enter’ saves your comment, a shortcut familiar to many from Microsoft Outlook.
  • After adding a comment, a purple indicator appears near the control, signaling its presence.
  • Comments in the panel are screen-specific.
  • Switching screens will only display comments related to the active screen.

Engaging with Other App Makers via @ Mentions

Do you need to get someone’s attention? Use the @ mention within a comment. Doing this:

  • Sends an email notification with a ‘Go to comment’ button to the mentioned user.
  • Clicking this button takes the user directly to the comment within the app designer.

Where Comments Reside

All comments are stored with their associated app on the Power Apps server. Remember, exported apps will not keep these comments if re-imported.

Managing Comments and Resolving Threads

Comments are a powerful collaboration tool. They can highlight tasks, target questions, or request feedback. Once you complete discussions or finish tasks, mark threads as ‘resolved’. This makes it clear which discussions are still active. However, you can always reopen resolved comments if necessary.


The comments feature in Power Apps has made superior collaboration among app builders possible. It keeps peers informed and tracks unresolved tasks, serving as a valuable tool for a seamless app-building experience.”

Should you have any queries or require further technical assistance, feel encouraged to reach out to us. We’re here to guide and assist you every step of the way.

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