Power Apps Mastery Crafting Comma-Separated Lists with the Concat Function

Power Apps Mastery: Crafting Comma-Separated Lists with the Concat Function

Introduction: Leveraging Microsoft’s Power Apps, developers often find themselves needing to craft structured data lists. Among these, a frequently sought-out format is the comma-separated value (CSV) list. This guide will elucidate the steps to create a CSV list from selected items using the “power apps concat” function.

Why a Comma-Separated (CSV) List?

The versatility of a CSV list is evident in its broad range of applications. Whether it’s for:

  • Presenting a refined list of items in a label
  • Composing a unified string of parameters for Microsoft Flow
  • Storing a CSV list within a data source text field
The capability to produce such lists efficiently can elevate your Power Apps proficiency.

Demonstration: Crafting a CSV String

To illustrate, consider a scenario where we integrate a combo box into our app interface, with the objective of showcasing a CSV rendition of user-selected items.

The formula for this functionality is illustrated as follows:

With({compiledList:Concat(dropdownItems.SelectedItems, ThisItem.Name & ", ")}, Left(compiledList, Len(compiledList)-2) )

A practical example would involve a combo box offering options like ‘Residential Lease’, ‘Energy Compliance Certificate’, and ‘Property Inventory Checklist’. Upon selection, the label beneath this box would dynamically present the items in CSV format.

Decoding the Formula

Breaking down the formula, we utilize the ‘With’ function to first concatenate selected items. The expression:

Concat(dropdownItems.SelectedItems, ThisItem.Name & ", ")

… effectively gathers each item and appends it with a comma for delineation. While efficient, this method does introduce an extraneous comma at the list’s end, which we elegantly prune using the Left function.


Power Apps offers a robust suite of functions to empower developers, and the ‘Concat’ function is a prime example. Crafting CSV lists becomes an effortless task, streamlining data presentation and storage. For more nuanced guidance on Power Apps or other technical queries, the team at SoftwareZone365 is always at your service. Elevate your Power Apps journey with our expertise.

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