Mastering the In Tab Values Feature with Power Apps Modern Controls

Mastering the “In Tab Values” Feature with Power Apps Modern Controls

Power Apps In Tab Values Modern Controls are at the forefront of modern application design. By enhancing user navigation across different sections or views, these controls ensure an optimal user experience. With Microsoft’s Power Apps leading the charge, let’s explore the depth of the “In Tab Values” feature and the rich properties it brings to the table.


Deep Dive into Power Apps In Tab Values

This dynamic suite introduces a series of tabs, emblematic of Microsoft’s innovation. Each tab serves as an entry point to a distinct section or view, ensuring smooth navigation for users. For those who aim to master Power Apps, understanding this feature is pivotal.

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Properties of Modern Controls in Power Apps

Every property of the tab list control has a purpose:

  • AccessibleLabel: Designed for screen readers, it announces the chosen control.
  • Alignment: Sets tab orientation. Choose from:
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
  • ContentLanguage: Sets the user’s language, e.g., “en-US”.
  • DefaultSelectedItems: Shows default tab values before any user action.
  • DisplayMode: Three modes on offer:
    • Edit – Permits user input.
    • View – Restricts to value display.
    • Disabled – Greys out the control.
  • Height & Width: Specifies the control’s vertical and horizontal dimensions, respectively.
  • Items: Populates values within the tab list, e.g., [“Tab 1”, “Tab 2”, “Tab 3”, “Tab 4”].
  • OnChange & OnSelect: Dictate actions upon value change or tab selection.
  • Render Size: Adjusts tab bar size, with choices like “Small”, “Medium”, or “Large”.
  • Visible: Controls the display status of the control.
  • X & Y: Determines the control’s relative positioning on the screen.

In Conclusion: Power Apps In Tab Values

Grasping and skillfully utilizing the “In Tab Values” in Power Apps can transform user interface design. It guarantees an organized and intuitive experience. As tech continues to evolve, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest in Power Apps. 

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