Power Apps Tutorial Adding Ordinal Suffixes to Numbers for Enhanced Display

Power Apps Tutorial: Adding Ordinal Suffixes to Numbers for Enhanced Display

Welcome to our Power Apps Ordinal Suffix Tutorial. Here, we’ll delve into how Power Apps can be leveraged to convert basic numbers into their ordinal forms, such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Grasping this feature can be a game-changer for your application’s user experience,  We are here to assist you.

Why Use Ordinal Suffixes in Power Apps?

In numerous applications, especially those related to analytics, event planning, or any form of sequential representation, displaying numbers as ordinals can greatly enhance the user’s understanding. Instead of plainly seeing “Day 3”, they see “3rd Day”, which offers a more intuitive and polished presentation.

Understanding the Ordinal Suffix Formula in Power Apps

Before diving into the actual code, it’s essential to grasp the underlying logic. Ordinal numbers are not merely about appending “st”, “nd”, or “rd” randomly. Specific rules dictate which suffix to use, and this Power Apps Ordinal Suffix Tutorial makes it simple for you.

Practical Implementation: Incorporating the Suffix in Power Apps


Considered Number: 22

Code Snippet

Set( ordinalResult, With( { numText: Text(inputField.Text), suffixOptions: Table( { value: "th", position: "11" }, { value: "th", position: "12" }, { value: "th", position: "13" }, { value: "st", position: "1" }, { value: "nd", position: "2" }, { value: "rd", position: "3" } ) }, Concatenate( Text(numText), Coalesce( LookUp(suffixOptions, position=Right(numText,2), value), LookUp(suffixOptions, position=Right(numText,1), value), "th" ) ) ) )


Tips for Best Practices

  1. Consistency: Always ensure that you use ordinal suffixes consistently across your application to avoid confusing users.
  2. Performance: While this function is efficient, always test performance, especially if applying it across large datasets in real-time.


Ordinal suffixes in Power Apps can majorly elevate your application’s user interface and overall data representation. With the guidance from this Power Apps Ordinal Suffix Tutorial, you’re well-equipped to implement this feature. Remember, the SoftwareZone365 team is here to assist with any further clarifications. 

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