Mastering App Settings in Power Apps How to Optimize Layouts and Features

Mastering App Settings in Power Apps: How to Optimize Layouts and Features


Navigating the dynamic settings of Power Apps can sometimes feel overwhelming. From optimizing visuals to enabling specific features, each tab offers a myriad of options. This guide elucidates the optimal configurations, focusing particularly on “how to change Canva layout to landscape” and more.

Delving into the General Tab

Customize your app’s visual appeal by selecting a suitable icon or uploading a custom image that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics. Ensure custom images adhere to the dimensions of 245px x 245px and are in .jpg or .png format.

Enhance your development experience by activating the ‘Debug Published App’ setting. While this offers improved telemetry insights via Power Apps Monitor, it can potentially hamper app performance. It’s imperative to deactivate this before transitioning your app to a live environment.

The Display Tab Explained

For a seamless user experience, it’s pivotal to ensure your app’s design adapts to various device types:

  • Web-based applications on PCs and laptops should ideally be responsive. This accommodates a more intuitive user experience, barring proof-of-concept apps or constrained development timelines.
  • Considering the handheld nature of mobile devices, a portrait orientation is advisable. Further, locking this orientation prevents any inadvertent switches to landscape.
  • Tablets present a versatile usage pattern. If the app usage entails mobility, a portrait orientation works best. However, for stationary users, landscape mode is more apt. If in doubt, opt for a responsive design that’s flexible in its orientation.
Device Orientation Scale To Fit Lock Aspect Ratio Lock Orientation
PC/Laptop Landscape No No No
Tablet Either Landscape or Portrait Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Portrait Yes Yes Yes
Tablet & Mobile Portrait No No No
All Devices Landscape No No No

Anticipating with the Upcoming Features Tab

Power Apps will soon activate preview features for all apps. Although it’s generally prudent to enable these options, be wary of features with known issues. While experimental features offer innovative functionalities, they might be prone to changes or potential bugs. Their usage in production apps should be contingent on rigorous testing. Retired features, however, should be completely avoided.

Understanding the Support Tab

The version of Power Apps you utilize directly influences the available features and functionalities. To ensure consistency and prevent potential bugs, it’s recommended not to alter the authoring version mid-development. Should there be a version update, a comprehensive retest is mandatory to guarantee consistent app behavior.


Optimizing your Power Apps settings can drastically enhance both the development and user experience. This guide has shed light on key aspects, especially concerning layout configurations. If you seek further assistance or have specific queries on “how to change Canva layout to landscape” or any other related topic, please contact us. Our dedicated team is here to support and guide you.

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