PowerApps Missing OnStart Formula Bug Insights & Fixes

Managing PowerApps Updates: How to Address the Missing OnStart Formula Bug


Managing PowerApps Updates: How to Address the Missing OnStart Formula Bug

PowerApps, as robust as it is, isn’t immune to the occasional bug introduced by updates. One such issue that surfaced recently is the missing OnStart formula in the designer. This article dives into the problem and provides a valuable workaround for users grappling with it.

The Recent PowerApps Bug

On the 15th of May, 2021, an update to PowerApps seemingly brought about a glitch preventing users from setting the OnStart formula. This perturbation seems to have affected version 3.21051.17 specifically.

Bug Description

Upon selecting the app node within the application, the property displayed in the top-left navigation bar is “OnMessage”. What’s conspicuously absent is the OnStart option, rendering users unable to set the OnStart formula.

Workaround for the Missing OnStart Formula

Typically, for unexpected PowerApps issues, a common troubleshooting step is to revert to a previous version. However, in this scenario, the option to revert to an older designer version wasn’t readily available.

The alternative method entailed directly initiating PowerApps Studio using a URL embedded with the desired version number. Accessing PowerApps through this specific link resolved the issue, bringing back the OnStart property as anticipated.

After noticing the problem, I promptly reported this apparent bug. Having communicated with a Microsoft support engineer, I’m optimistic about them rectifying the matter promptly.

Additional Observations

Something worth noting regarding this bug is the introduction of a property named ‘back enabled’ in the problematic version—a feature previously non-existent. Furthermore, the newly introduced “OnMessage” property in this version doesn’t activate upon app initiation. This confirms that the OnStart property hasn’t been mistakenly labeled as OnMessage.

Given these observations, it’s plausible that Microsoft’s recent modifications in this domain inadvertently released unfinished alterations, which in turn affected the OnStart feature in the designer.


Updates, though intended to enhance functionality, can sometimes introduce unforeseen issues. The recent PowerApps update is a testament to this, with the bug affecting the OnStart formula. In many such scenarios, reverting to a previous version often proves beneficial, a strategy echoed in this instance as well. Should you encounter similar challenges or need further assistance, our support team is readily available to help!

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