How to Submit Forms in PowerApps Using the EnterReturn Key

How to Submit Forms in PowerApps Using the Enter/Return Key

How to Submit Forms in PowerApps Using the Enter/Return Key

Introduction: In PowerApps, users often look for a straightforward method to submit a form when pressing the Enter or Return key. Although PowerApps doesn’t have a built-in feature for this action, there are ways to implement this functionality. This article sheds light on a popular workaround that developers can employ.

Why is the Enter/Return Key Functionality Important?

In data-driven applications, it’s a standard UX practice to submit data by pressing the Enter or Return key after completing a form. For instance, if users type a description in a text box, the ideal behavior would be that upon pressing the Enter key, the app processes and saves the input, taking the user back to the preceding screen.

However, it’s important to note that PowerApps does not natively support this functionality. Therefore, a different approach is needed.

The OnChange Property Workaround

One of the most viable solutions is to leverage the OnChange property of the text input control. For instance, setting the OnChange property to the formula Select(ControlSaveBtn) prompts the app to execute the OnSelect property action of the Save button (named ControlSaveBtn in our example).

It’s essential to realize that the OnChange event triggers after a user modifies the text and then shifts focus away from the control – meaning it doesn’t execute after every individual key press.

While this method is often effective, it does have its limitations. The formula will not run if the text remains unchanged but the user hits the Return key. Moreover, if users move to the next control using the Tab key, the formula might execute unexpectedly, leading to an unintended screen navigation.

Proposed Enhancements for Better User Experience

In an ideal scenario, PowerApps would allow the identification of specific keypresses. Therefore, I’ve suggested enhancements like introducing an OnKeypressEnter property for the text input control. This would allow developers to set actions specifically when the Enter key is pressed. Imagine having the capability to directly attach a SubmitForm(FormName) function to the Enter key press, enhancing the user experience tremendously.

Beyond this, a feature like the OnKeypressEscape property at the app level would be valuable. Users could be given the ability to activate a ‘cancel’ action or close modal dialogs using the Escape key, further enriching the application’s interactivity.


Submitting forms in PowerApps using the Enter or Return key isn’t straightforward due to inherent design decisions. However, with workarounds like the OnChange property method, it becomes feasible, though not without limitations. As PowerApps continues to evolve, one can hope for more integrated solutions to improve user experience. If you face challenges or need assistance with PowerApps, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert guidance.

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