Dataverse ER Diagram Creation Schema Verse in Action Mastering Entity Relationship

Schema Verse in Action: Mastering Entity Relationship Diagrams with Dataverse


Dataverse – Crafting Entity Relationship Diagrams using Schema Verse



Understanding database schematics is fundamental for developers, analysts, and system architects. Entity relationship diagrams serve as a powerful visual aid in this realm. In today’s post, we will delve deep into creating a Dataverse ER Diagram Creation.

Dataverse Tables and Their Complexity

Dataverse environments often encompass numerous tailor-made tables. For those immersed in the development of applications or systems, a visual representation of table interconnections aids in comprehending the underlying schema verse.

Entity Relation Diagram Creator in XrmToolBox

A recommended method to achieve this is by employing the Entity Relation Diagram Creator tool, curated by Bas van de Sande, available in the XrmToolBox. We’ll guide you through its functionalities and highlight its significant features.

Initial Steps

To kickstart, ensure you have XrmTooBox downloaded and set up. Although detailed guidelines are available on their website, for the purpose of this guide, we’re omitting the direct link.

Upon installing XrmToolBox, access the Tool Library to search and initiate the installation of the Entity Relation Diagram Creator.

Diagram – Choosing Your Tables

This creator allows you to either pinpoint specific tables for your diagram or designate a solution enveloping all necessary tables. Through the Power Apps Maker Portal, you can effortlessly establish a new solution. In our walkthrough, we’re conceptualizing a solution termed PropertyTables embedded with certain tables.

Launching the Diagram Creator

Once you initiate the Entity Relationship Diagram Creator, a comprehensive guide detailing its usage will be displayed.

Diagram Creation Steps

  1. Commence by either opting for ‘Load Solutions‘ or ‘Load Entities‘ to populate the available solutions or tables respectively.
  2. For our illustration, we’ll utilize the Load Solutions option. The subsequent image displays the outcome and the rendering choices.
  3. An effective choice is enabling the ‘Show friendly names in entities‘, ensuring user-friendly table names embellish the diagram headers.
  4. To bring your diagram to life, tap on the green ‘Create Entity Relation Diagram‘. Post a brief connection phase with Dataverse, your diagram will be unveiled, as portrayed in the subsequent image.
  5. The design canvas facilitates the rearrangement of tables. You have the liberty to ‘Take Image‘ for a PNG rendition or ‘Save Diagram‘ for a local ‘.erd‘ file backup. This saved representation can be retrieved and modified later via the Open Diagram option.


In your quest to craft Entity Relationship diagrams aligned with Dataverse tables, the Entity Relation Diagram Creator within XrmToolBox emerges as an invaluable asset. We hope this guide illuminated its pivotal aspects and the process of crafting a diagram. For an even deeper understanding and a more hands-on approach to schema verse, or if you face any challenges, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist and ensure your journey is seamless.

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