Harnessing the Admin Power Platform Maximizing Power Apps Connectors

Harnessing the Admin Power Platform: Maximizing Power Apps Connectors


Harnessing the Admin Power Platform: A Deep Dive into Power Apps Connectors


The world of Power Apps offers numerous opportunities to manage and optimize your applications seamlessly. Furthermore, one of the primary tools in this endeavor is the ‘Power Apps for Admins’ and ‘Power Apps for Makers’ connectors. In this guide, we will explore their functionalities and understand how they can revolutionize your Power Apps experience.

These robust connectors empower users to display lists of apps, connections, and environment details from within an app. The functionalities aren’t just limited to this; there’s the potential to perform operations such as removing, publishing, and more. Let’s break them down further.

Understanding Power Apps Connectors:

The ‘Power Apps for Admins’ and ‘Power Apps for Makers’ connectors are integral tools that you can add via the data panel. They provide methods showcasing available environments, connectors, connections, and apps. Additionally, you can call methods to publish, remove, and restore apps or set an app’s display name.

Moreover, a primary use case for these connectors is to develop an app that manages other Power Apps within an organization. In contrast to similar tasks achievable using PowerShell commands, these connectors offer the advantage of crafting a user-centric app rather than relying on command-line operations.

An interesting application is the creation of a ‘launcher’ app, capable of listing available apps, thereby enabling users to select and initiate a chosen app.

Distinct Features of the Admin and Makers Connectors:

  • Firstly, the Power Apps for Admins connector, designed for administrative users, provides access to all apps, environments, and connectors within a tenant.
  •  Secondly, the Power Apps for Makers connector, tailored for end-users, grants access only to resources they have permission to, such as owned or shared resources.

Implementing the ‘Power Apps for Makers‘ Connector:

Upon integrating this connector into an app, users gain access to various intuitive methods. Some key methods include EditConnectionRoleAssignment, GetApp, GetConnections, and more. Also, a comprehensive guide for this connector is available in Microsoft’s official documentation.

For example, to display a list of available apps in a specific environment, integrate a gallery control and link the Items property to the GetApps method’s return value.

Using the ‘Power Apps for Admins‘ Connector:

Functioning similarly to the ‘Power Apps for Makers’ connector, its distinction lies in its administrative level operation, granting access to tenant-level resources. Moreover, detailed documentation and methods for this connector are available on Microsoft’s official site.


Finally, the realm of Power Apps, backed by the capabilities of ‘Power Apps for Admins’ and ‘Power Apps for Makers’ connectors, offers dynamic ways to display and manage apps. By leveraging these connectors, you can streamline app management and improve navigational prowess, ensuring an efficient user experience.

If you find yourself needing further insights or face any technical hiccups, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your Power Apps journey remains smooth and rewarding!

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