Guide to PowerApps Developer Certification Renewal Microsoft’s 12-Month Process

Guide to PowerApps Developer Certification Renewal: Microsoft’s 12-Month Process


Guide to PowerApps Developer Certification Renewal: Microsoft’s 12-Month Process


In the tech domain, professionals must keep their industry certifications current. For Microsoft certifications, you must complete a renewal assessment every year. In this article, we dive deep into the PowerApps Developer certification renewal process, based on my recent experience.

Embarking on the Certification Renewal Journey

As your Microsoft certification expiration date approaches, Microsoft will remind you frequently. I received multiple email notifications, each containing links that prompted me to visit the Microsoft Learn platform. This platform provides comprehensive guidance on the renewal process.

Navigating Microsoft Learn for Renewal

Upon accessing the specific certification renewal page on Microsoft Learn, you will find a detailed breakdown of the skills that the assessment tests. Microsoft has designed this process meticulously to ensure that certified individuals maintain their knowledge.

I identified the new topics easily, especially when comparing them with the content from my initial certification. Noteworthy inclusions were “Integrating Dataverse with Azure Solutions” and insights on “Enhancing Power Apps Portals”. Moreover, a tailored learning path, consisting of relevant Microsoft Learn modules, is an invaluable resource for anyone on this journey.

Equipping Yourself for the Renewal Assessment

For my preparation, the resources on Microsoft Learn acted as the backbone. Over two days, I dedicated approximately four hours, complemented by some auxiliary reading, to ensure I was well-prepared.

Diving into the Renewal Assessment

The assessment, available online, is through a dedicated link on the renewal page. My test included 24 questions, with a 45-minute time limit. A notable change from the initial proctored exams was that you cannot revisit or modify responses once you submit them. The format, primarily multiple-choice questions, reflects the layout those familiar with Microsoft Learn’s end-of-module questions know well.

Immediately after the assessment, the results were displayed. A segmented performance report followed, which will be crucial for anyone needing to retake the assessment.


The path to renewing the PowerApps Developer certification is both streamlined and intuitive. It’s like participating in a quiz, with just the right amount of groundwork. Given the complexity of certain subjects, the multiple-choice design helps you make informed choices. My advice to aspirants would be to start the renewal journey sooner rather than later. With the flexibility to retake the assessment without incurring extra costs, you can view even an unprepared attempt as a learning experience.

If you find yourself grappling with any technical nuances or need further guidance on the certification renewal process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to support, enlighten, and ensure you navigate the PowerApps Developer certification renewal process with ease.

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