Efficiently Filter Tomorrow’s Date in Power Apps Gallery

Efficiently Filter Tomorrow’s Date in Power Apps Gallery

Efficiently Filter Tomorrow’s Date in Power Apps Gallery!


This tutorial elucidates how users can proficiently filter a gallery in Power Apps to exclusively showcase dates matching tomorrow, using data sourced from a SharePoint list titled ‘Calendar Dates’.

Data Source Introduction

The core data is sourced from ‘Calendar Dates’, a SharePoint list populated with dates ranging from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2024, culminating in a total of 2,557 rows.

					Title      	                           DateEntry
Monday,January 1, 2018	               1/1/2018
Tuesday,January 2, 2018	               1/2/2018
Tuesday,December 31, 2024	           12/31/2024
Thursday,June 17, 2023	               6/17/2023

Code Implementation

To achieve the desired filter functionality, utilize the following code within the Items property of your gallery:

{ InitialDate: Today(),
FollowingDate: Today() + 1
'Calendar Entries',
DateEntry > InitialDate,
DateEntry <= FollowingDate

The logic behind this is straightforward. The code filters the dates that are greater than today but less than or equal to tomorrow.

Expected Outcome

Post implementation, your gallery will exclusively display rows having a date that matches tomorrow. For illustration, considering the current date as 6/16/2023, the gallery would reflect:

					Title	                                   DateEntry
Thursday,June 17, 2023	                   6/17/2023

Relevant Data:

  1. Data Source: The primary data is sourced from a SharePoint list named ‘Calendar Dates’ with dates from 2018-2024.
  2. Total Rows: There are a total of 2,557 rows in this list.
  3. Code Purpose: The provided code is used to filter out only the date that matches tomorrow from the SharePoint list.
  4. Expected Behavior: After code implementation, the gallery will only show entries with tomorrow’s date.
  5. Use Case: If the current date is 6/16/2023, the gallery will display the entry for 6/17/2023.


Through Power Apps, users can adeptly filter date-specific entries, enriching the application’s user experience. For any technical queries or guidance on implementation, our proficient team is always ready to assist.

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