Converting Text to ASCII Numeric Value in PowerApps

Converting Text to ASCII Numeric Value in PowerApps


Converting Text to ASCII Numeric Value in PowerApps

While PowerApps is a powerful tool, it doesn’t inherently support every function, including converting text characters to their corresponding ASCII values. This article elucidates how you can achieve this conversion in PowerApps. For those who might require step-by-step guidance or further technical assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Understanding the Char Function in PowerApps

In PowerApps, the Char function allows users to input an ASCII numeric code and receive the character it represents. While Excel VBA possesses an ASC function to perform the reverse operation, PowerApps lacks a direct built-in function for this purpose. Hence, those familiar with Excel often find themselves searching for an equivalent in PowerApps.

Creating a Custom Formula

To achieve the text to ASCII conversion, we have to implement a custom formula. Here’s a structure you can use:

              {Number:Value, CharRepresentation:Char(Value)}


  1. With function
  2. LookUp functions
  3. ForAll function

By setting textValue to a specific character, such as “a“, the formula will return the corresponding ASCII value. For instance, for the character “a“, the return value will be 97.

Understanding the Formula Logic

The core of this formula utilizes the ForAll function, creating a table comprising two columns. The first column represents the numeric ASCII code, and the second, the associated character. The final LookUp function extracts the numeric value, which matches the provided character input.


Some Relevant Insights:

In PowerApps, converting text to ASCII values might seem challenging due to the absence of a built-in function. However, a custom formula using the ForAll and LookUp functions can seamlessly bridge this gap. The formula revolves around the Char function, allowing users to input a character and obtain its corresponding ASCII value. This solution empowers PowerApps users to perform ASCII conversions with ease, enhancing the tool’s functionality for diverse applications.



Though PowerApps doesn’t come with a built-in feature to transform a character into its ASCII code, it’s not an insurmountable challenge. Through a bit of custom formula crafting, you can easily bridge this functionality gap. Always remember, when challenges arise or technical know-how seems limited, experts are a click away. For personalized solutions or further clarifications, feel free to reach out to us.

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