Mastering PowerApps Extracting Distinct Values from Collections

Mastering PowerApps: Extracting Distinct Values from Collections


Guide to Fetching Unique Values in PowerApps Collections

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on how to fetch unique values, specifically focusing on the powerapps distinct function. With the increasing demand for PowerApps applications, learning such techniques can provide an edge in your application building journey.


One common requirement while dealing with collections in PowerApps is to fetch unique values from a specific column. For example, if you have a collection of cities and their corresponding continents and countries, you might want to get a list of unique countries. Let’s delve deeper into this with a practical example.

Input Collection

Consider the following collection named ‘cityData’:

City	    Continent	       Country
New York	North America	   USA
London	    Europe	           United Kingdom
Kyoto	    Asia	           Japan
Osaka	    Asia	           Japan
Los Angeles	North America	   USA
Paris	    Europe	           France
Birmingham	Europe	           United Kingdom

Desired Output

The goal is to extract a list named ‘uniqueCountries’ with distinct Country names:

United Kingdom


To achieve this, we utilize the powerapps distinct function as demonstrated in the solution code below:

```javascript // Initialize the collection 
ClearCollect(cityData, {City: "New York", Country: "USA", Continent: "North America"},
{City: "London", Country:"United Kingdom", Continent: "Europe"}, {City: "Kyoto",
Country: "Japan",
Continent: "Asia"}, {City: "Osaka", Country: "Japan", Continent: "Asia"},
{City: "Los Angeles", Country: "USA", Continent: "North America"}, {City: "Paris",
Country: "France", Continent: "Europe"}, {City: "Birmingham",
Country:"United Kingdom", Continent: "Europe"} ); // Remove duplicates and store
distinct countries in a new collection ClearCollect(uniqueCountries,
Distinct(cityData, Country));

Reference: Collect, Clear, and ClearCollect functions

Some Relevant Insights:

In this guide, you’ll find practical examples, step-by-step instructions, and code snippets to help you master the PowerApps distinct function. Enhance your skills in data manipulation and collection handling, giving you a solid foundation for building efficient PowerApps applications.


With the knowledge gained from this guide, you can confidently fetch unique values in PowerApps collections, adding a powerful tool to your application development arsenal. Stay tuned for more PowerApps tips and techniques to elevate your skills further.


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