Unveiling the Power FX Enhancements Power Apps Language Evolution

Unveiling the Power FX Enhancements: Power Apps Language Evolution

Unveiling the Power FX Enhancements: Power Apps Language Evolution

During a recent Microsoft Build conference, a spotlight was cast on the evolution of Power FX, the heart and soul of Power Apps language. A series of enhancements promise to redefine user experience, making app development more intuitive. This guide delves into the top three transformative changes introduced. Should you need assistance or further clarity, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Keynote Takeaways from Microsoft’s Build Conference

Greg Lindhorst, during the event, unveiled three pivotal advancements in Power FX. Here’s an encapsulated overview:

1. Natural Language Formulation for the “No Code” Developers

Formula development can be daunting, especially for those who aren’t accustomed to its intricate syntax. Differentiating among round, curly, and square brackets or understanding the nuances between commas and semi-colons is no small feat.

Enter the AI-driven transformation. Power Apps will soon allow developers to frame requirements in simple English. For instance, phrases like “display the top 10 entries sorted by date” or “filter the textbox using contacts’ full names” will now be understood. The system then recommends potential formulas to match the stated requirement, streamlining the app-building process.

2. Model Driven Apps Embracing Power FX

Model driven apps will not only be more receptive to Power FX, but also maintain their affinity for JavaScript, ensuring a smooth transition phase. For instance, customizing the app’s command bar becomes effortless using familiar syntax, just like in canvas apps. This enhancement paves the way for better customization and flexibility in app design.

3. Dataverse Integration with Power FX

Power FX’s prowess extends to the data layer with Dataverse’s newfound support. This allows app developers to utilize Power FX for defining calculated columns, sidestepping the erstwhile language of CDS (common data service). This change promises to magnify the capabilities of calculated columns. For example, challenges like retrieving the current date for a calculated column will now become a thing of the past, unlocking potentials like calculating days overdue based on a specific ‘end date’ column.


The Power Apps language, with its renewed vigor in Power FX, is poised to offer a seamless, unified, and more intuitive experience for app developers. By bridging the gap with natural language processing and expanding its horizons across platforms like Dataverse and model-driven apps, Power FX is set to revolutionize the app development landscape. As these features get rolled out, the journey of app building becomes not just easier but also more efficient. For insights, guidance, or hands-on assistance, reach out to us, and together, let’s harness the true potential of Power FX.

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