Resolving “This app isn’t opening correctly” Error Fixing “InsufficientActivePlanForApp” Message

Resolving “This app isn’t opening correctly” Error: Fixing “InsufficientActivePlanForApp” Message

Introduction: Encounter the frustrating “This app isn’t opening correctly” or “InsufficientActivePlanForApp” error message in PowerApps? Worry not, as this guide provides practical steps to tackle and overcome this issue.

It’s a common dilemma for app builders when their application throws the following error during runtime:

      "error": {
        "code": "InsufficientActivePlanForApp",
        "message": "The user with object identifier in tenant does not have an active plan with sufficient policies to use this app.",
        "details": [
            "code": "InsufficientPlanForPremiumApis",
            "message": "The user with object identifier in tenant does not have a plan with sufficient policies to use premium APIs. Premium API"

The root cause behind this error is straightforward – the user lacks an adequate license, such as a per-app or per-user license. This usually happens when the app incorporates premium connectors.

To resolve this issue, you have two primary options:

  1. Purchase and assign a premium license to the user: Acquiring and assigning the appropriate premium license to the user is the straightforward solution.
  2. Edit the app and remove premium connector functionality: Alternatively, you can choose to eliminate any features or functionalities within the app that rely on premium connectors.

However, if you opt to remove references to premium connectors in your app, you might encounter a perplexing situation.

Even after republishing the app, the error may persist. The Maker Portal’s app details pane doesn’t readily reveal which connection designates the app as ‘premium.’

In such scenarios, the primary reason an app is classified as ‘premium’ often lies in its use of a Power Automate Flow that employs premium connectors. Thus, the next step is to investigate the flows utilized by the app and, if necessary, detach them from the app.

A typical scenario is when app builders employ a Flow that utilizes the Word Online connector for generating PDF documents. The use of this premium connector frequently leads to the app’s ‘premium’ classification. HTTP request actions in Flow can also be a common factor.


When confronted with the “InsufficientActivePlanForApp” error, its root cause typically traces back to the incorporation of premium connectors in the app. The remedy is straightforward – either allocate the user an appropriate license or eliminate premium connectors from the app. App builders often grapple with understanding why their app carries a ‘premium’ designation. In most cases, this occurs when the app triggers a Flow that involves premium licensing.

If you encounter this issue or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is readily available to assist you!

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