Uncovering Hidden Power App Screen Designer Features Boost Your Productivity

Uncovering Hidden Power App Screen Designer Features: Boost Your Productivity


Discover These 3 Hidden Screen Designer Features in Power Apps



If you’ve been working with Power Apps for a while, you might have overlooked some of the subtle yet valuable improvements and enhancements that have quietly been introduced over time. In this article, we will unveil three features that could have slipped under your radar.

Microsoft consistently fine-tunes Power Apps to deliver a better user experience. While major updates often grab our attention, it’s easy to overlook the hidden gems tucked away behind right-click menus and within property panes. Let’s explore these three lesser-known features that could enhance your Power Apps development:

1. Streamlined Control Styling

When you select controls like labels and text input, a right-click menu unveils a floating panel, offering convenient access to font settings, font size, background and foreground colors, and text justification settings. This saves you time compared to navigating away from the control to access these properties in the properties pane.

2. Effortless Card Unlocking

Another hidden gem in Power Apps is the right-click menu’s ability to unlock cards swiftly. This option provides a more efficient way to unlock cards, especially when you’re dealing with cards located at the bottom of a form. Unlike the primary unlock button at the top of the properties pane, this feature is easily accessible.

3. Flexible Radio Button Layouts

For a significant period, Power Apps limited the radio items within a radio control to vertical alignment, stacking them on top of each other. This constraint made it challenging to design forms that made optimal use of the available screen space. Fortunately, you can now change the layout to horizontal, allowing you to display radio items side by side for a more efficient use of screen real estate.

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Microsoft consistently enhances Power Apps, and it’s common to overlook some of the smaller but valuable feature enhancements. In this article, we’ve highlighted three UI improvements that can greatly improve your Power Apps development experience.

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