PowerApps Canvas App Authentication A Guide to GuestAnonymous Access

PowerApps Canvas App Authentication: A Guide to Guest/Anonymous Access


In the rapidly evolving world of app development, there’s been a demand for flexibility. Especially when it comes to app access. A major concern among PowerApps developers and users has been its limitation on guest or anonymous access. This not only restricts usability but also challenges those aiming for a wider audience. This article discusses this issue and brings good news for PowerApps fans.

The Limitation and Its Impact:

PowerApps, with all its capabilities, had a limitation. It didn’t support guest or unauthenticated access. This posed challenges for businesses and developers. Especially when wanting to share apps with users outside the organization. For example, if a company wanted to deploy a survey app for broad feedback, the lack of anonymous access was a barrier.

Past Workarounds:

Previously, a common solution was creating a generic Office 365 user. Then, sharing those login details with people needing access. However, this wasn’t ideal. There were concerns about security, integrity, and compliance regarding licensing.

The Upcoming Change:

Good news, PowerApps is addressing this. Anonymous access will soon be part of updates, pleasing the community. This change is a major enhancement, promising easier app sharing.

Further Information:

For those interested in the nitty-gritty details and discussions around this update, Microsoft provides insights on its official platforms. You can further delve into the subject by visiting Microsoft’s official channels or the PowerApps blog for more detailed updates.


The introduction of guest access is a game-changer. By addressing this, PowerApps is set to become more potent for developers and businesses. Imagine reaching a wide audience without authentication issues. We await this feature’s launch and the improved user experiences it’ll bring.

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