How to Use a People Picker for Efficient Filtering in Power Apps Gallery

How to Use a People Picker for Efficient Filtering in Power Apps Gallery


Efficiently Filter Your Power Apps Gallery Using a People Picker

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly integrate a People Picker with a Power Apps Gallery. This method has grown in popularity as it provides a user-friendly approach to filter data by employee names, enhancing data retrieval in applications. If “powerapps combobox filter items” is what brought you here, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into it!

Update Your SharePoint List

Firstly, you need to make a small change in your SharePoint list. Update the ‘Employee’ column to the ‘Person’ type in the ‘Paid Time-Off’ list. However, ensure that the rest of your data remains untouched:

TimeOffDate    Employee              TimeOffType    Status
9/1/2020      Kelly Smith           Personal       Submitted
9/4/2020      Kelly Smith           Vacation       Approved
... [other data rows]

Integrating the Office365Users Connector

Next, enrich your app with the ability to fetch user details by adding the Office365Users connector.

Setting Up Your ComboBox: cmb_Employee

Now, it’s time to create a ComboBox, which we’ll name cmb_Employee. Place this right below the Type and Status dropdowns. Here’s how you can configure its properties for optimal use:

DisplayFields: ["Display Name"]
SearchFields: ["Display Name"]
Items: Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm: filterInput.SearchText, top: 100})
IsSearchable: true
SelectMultiple: false

Refining the Gallery Item Filtering

For the grand finale, tweak the ‘Items’ property of your Gallery using the following code:

    'Paid Time-Off Records',
    typeDropdown.Selected.Value=Blank() Or TimeOffType=typeDropdown.Selected.Value,
    statusDropdown.Selected.Value=Blank() Or Status=statusDropdown.Selected.Value,
    cmb_Employee.Selected.DisplayName=Blank() Or Employee=cmb_Employee.Selected.DisplayName

Reference: Filter functions

With these steps, your People Picker will effectively filter the gallery, streamlining data visibility based on employee selections.


Utilizing the People Picker to filter items in a Power Apps Gallery not only makes your app more efficient but also enhances user experience. It streamlines data retrieval and ensures you can quickly get the information you need. If you ever find yourself in a technical bind or need more in-depth guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always here to assist you with top-notch solutions. Remember, by reaching out, we can offer tailored solutions and, yes, there might be charges, but consider it an investment in seamless app functionality.

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