Integrating RSS Feeds with Power BI Display and Aggregate News Content

Integrating RSS Feeds with Power BI: Display and Aggregate News Content

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced digital world, accessing the most recent news, forums, or blog articles in real-time is of utmost importance. For those building applications with this requirement, RSS provides an efficient solution. Specifically, the Power BI RSS connector offers a seamless way to retrieve this content. This guide sheds light on how to harness the power of RSS for news aggregation and display using Power BI.

Understanding RSS

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, allows users to easily fetch the latest updates from various web platforms, ranging from blogs and news websites to forums and social media. The data retrieved is in XML format, detailing information like the title, description, author, link, and other elements of the newly released content. Despite a decline in their prominence over the past decade, RSS feeds remain invaluable for accessing content from websites that offer them.

Locating RSS Feed URLs

A significant number of news platforms offer RSS feeds. To locate these URLs, a simple online search typically suffices. As a case in point, many UK news websites present a list of their RSS addresses for easy access. Moreover, for websites built on platforms like WordPress, appending “/feed” to the main site URL can usually reveal their RSS feed.

Integrating RSS Feed with Power BI

Power BI facilitates the consumption of RSS feeds through its dedicated RSS connector. This connector boasts a function named ‘FetchFeedItems’. To leverage this function, provide the desired RSS feed URL. For instance, to capture the BBC’s latest news feed, the following formula is employed:


This formula can be linked directly to a gallery’s Items property or, alternatively, its output can be stored in a local collection for subsequent saving to a database.

Information retrievable from an RSS feed encompasses attributes such as id, title, primaryLink, links, updatedOn, publishDate, summary, copyright, and categories. For a comprehensive understanding of Power BI’s RSS connector and its capabilities, visiting Microsoft’s official documentation is advisable.


RSS feeds grant real-time access to a plethora of content, including news, forums, blogs, and social media updates. By integrating the RSS connector with Power BI, one can efficiently fetch, display, and aggregate this wealth of information. Should you require further clarity or assistance on this topic or any other technical concerns, feel free to contact us. Our team of professionals is poised to assist and guide you through your Power BI journey.

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