Guide to Power Apps “Info Button” Enhancing User Experience with Modern Controls

Guide to Power Apps “Info Button”: Enhancing User Experience with Modern Controls

When navigating the intuitive world of Power Apps, the info button emerges as a valuable tool, bolstering user experience by offering pertinent insights. This brief guide dives into the depths of the Power Apps info button, elaborating on its purpose, properties, and utilization techniques.

Understanding the Significance of the Power Apps Info Button

The essence of the info button in Power Apps lies in its ability to furnish additional insights or context pertaining to a specific feature, element, or setting within the application. This aids users in comprehending an application’s nuances, thereby promoting an informed interaction experience.

Detailed Properties of the Info Button

Each   serves a distinct purpose, contributing to its overall functionality:

  • FocusAbility: Specifies if the button is receptive to focus via the tab key or SetFocus method.
  • ReaderLabel: Articulated by screen readers when the control is activated by the user.
  • LanguageContent: Indicates the communication language for the audience, such as “en-US”.
  • ModeDisplay: Sets the operational mode – Edit allows value input, View is read-only, and Disabled results in a non-active appearance.
    • = ModeDisplay.Disabled
    • = ModeDisplay.Edit
    • = ModeDisplay.View
  • ControlHeight: Measures the span from the control’s top to its bottom.
  • IconDimension: Configures the size of the info button icon. Available sizes include “Small”, “Medium”, and “Large”.
  • ModificationEvent: Purpose yet to be defined.
  • Visibility: Dictates the display status of the control.
  • ControlWidth: Covers the span from the control’s left to its right.
  • HorizontalPosition: Measures the gap from the screen’s left edge to the control’s left.
  • VerticalPosition: Represents the gap from the screen’s top edge to the control’s top.

Steps to Effectively Employ the Power Apps Info Button

  1. In the Power Apps studio, activate the info button control. Then, inscribe a text value into the Content property, such as “Ensure phone numbers adhere to the 403-123-4567 format”.
  2. Engage the info button to unveil the text integrated into the Content property.

Reference: Info button modern control in Power Apps (preview)

Concluding Thoughts

The Power Apps info button stands as a testament to user-centric design, prioritizing clarity and ease of navigation. With its plethora of adaptable properties, it seamlessly aligns with varied user requirements, championing a dynamic app interaction experience. As you continue exploring the vast expanse of Power Apps, if questions arise or you seek expert assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is eager to guide and support you through your digital journey.

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