Enhancements in Power Apps SharePoint Delegation User-Based Filtering Revolutionized

Enhancements in Power Apps SharePoint Delegation: User-Based Filtering Revolutionized

Power Apps SharePoint Delegation: User-Based Filtering Enhanced

When working with Power Apps and SharePoint, one of the frequent requirements developers face is tailoring lists based on the current user. This introduces us to the concept of “power apps sharepoint delegation.” For years, achieving this delegation was challenging, but thanks to recent advancements, things have changed for the better. Dive in to find out more!

Historical Context: The Challenge with User-Based Filtering

Filtering SharePoint records by the email address of the current user, especially with User().Email, posed challenges in the past due to delegation concerns. App builders often found themselves at a crossroads, pondering how to display records in SharePoint lists created or modified by the logged-in user.

As a point of reference, filtering property records in a SharePoint list for entries created by the current user used to generate a delegation warning with the following formula:

            Filter(Property, 'Created By'.Email = User().Email)

The Leap Forward: Enhanced Delegation in Power Apps

Times have changed! An update in Power Apps has transformed the landscape. The aforementioned formula is now delegable and does not trigger any warnings. Through testing, reducing the ‘Data row limit’ setting corroborated that the filter expression fetches all requisite records in a delegable manner.


The integration between Power Apps and SharePoint has seen significant improvements. Filtering SharePoint list fields by User().Email is no longer an uphill task. This comes as a respite, especially for new app builders who consistently faced this challenge. If you’re keen on creating tailored user experiences, this update is a game-changer.

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