Advanced Power Apps Search Mastering SharePoint Delegation with Multiple Conditions

Advanced Power Apps Search: Mastering SharePoint Delegation with Multiple Conditions

Optimizing Power Apps SharePoint Delegation with Advanced Search Functionality

For many businesses and developers, leveraging the powerful search functionalities within Power Apps and SharePoint is crucial. But what happens when the basic search function doesn’t meet the specific needs? In this article, we delve deeper into optimizing the search functions in Power Apps when working with SharePoint and offer a workaround for applying multiple AND/OR conditions, thereby enhancing delegation capabilities.

Understanding the Basics of the Search Function

By design, the search function is capable of performing a partial match against multiple fields using a single search term. It’s especially potent when used against Dataverse and SQL Server data sources where delegation comes into play. Nevertheless, it’s not without its limitations: specifically, the inability to employ multiple search terms using the ‘and’ or ‘or’ operators.

Example: Single Search Term against Multiple Fields

To put things in perspective, consider a list of properties. The goal might be to search for records with the partial text “east” in the fields “address1” and “city”. This can be achieved with the following syntax:


In the output, you’d observe records where the term “east” appears in either the Address1 or City fields. Yet, this approach falters when additional conditions are needed.

What if the requirement evolves to include records containing “east” in the “address1” or “city” fields, OR the term “uda” in the “country” fields? The search function’s limitation surfaces here, unable to handle multiple terms for different fields.

Workaround: Multiple Search Terms with Multiple Fields

There’s a silver lining, though! We can bypass this constraint by using the filter function combined with the ‘in’ operator instead of the standard Search. Here’s how:

       "east" in AddressLine1 ||
       "east" in TownCity
     ) ||
    "uda" in CountryField

If there’s a need to employ multiple search terms logically with ‘and’, replacing the ‘||’ operator with ‘&&’ suffices.

Visualizing the Results

On the application screen, the results would encompass records where “east” is found in Address1 or City, OR “uda” is detected in the country field.


The standard search function in Power Apps, while useful, doesn’t always cater to complex search requirements, especially when dealing with power apps sharepoint delegation. But with the workaround discussed in this post, there’s a way to bridge this gap, allowing for more versatile search criteria.

If you’re facing challenges with your Power Apps or SharePoint integration or need further insights, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is always ready to assist and provide the technical support you need.

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