Efficiently Display Barcodes in Power Apps Using Online Barcode Generators

Efficiently Display Barcodes in Power Apps Using Online Barcode Generators

When working with Power Apps, utilizing barcode capabilities is straightforward, especially when scanning. However, displaying barcodes might not be so intuitive. This article delves into an uncomplicated method to showcase barcodes within a canvas app, leveraging the potency of online barcode generators.

Before the era of Power Apps, implementing barcode functionalities in warehousing projects demanded specialized hardware and bespoke coding. Now, with Power Apps’ impressive data capabilities—including an integrated barcode scanner compatible with iOS and Android—it’s remarkable how effortlessly one can develop apps tailored for warehousing, inventory management, and logistics without coding. For in-depth insights about the barcode scanner control, one can explore Microsoft’s official documentation.

Although scanning barcodes is a breeze, how about displaying them? A valuable pointer from Randy Hayes, a Power Apps aficionado, reveals a straightforward solution.

Utilizing Online Barcode Generators

A plethora of websites exist that effortlessly transform barcode digits into barcode visuals. These platforms often allow for a barcode number to be passed via a URL, subsequently returning the corresponding barcode image.

Presented below are three noteworthy online barcode generators. Ensure you assess your selected provider thoroughly, considering commercial use terms and licensing:

  1. Cognex:
    Renowned for a diverse array of barcode services, Cognex supports multiple barcode formats like linear, QR, and EAN/UPC. The barcode URL structure for Cognex is akin to: https://www.cognex.com/api/Sitecore/Barcode/Get?data=YOUR-DATA&code=TYPE&...
  2. Barcodes Inc:
    Another commendable choice. Its URL pattern is: https://www.barcodesinc.com/generator/image.php?code=YOUR-CODE&...
  3. Barcodes Tec:
    An excellent tool, especially for those prioritizing TEC-IT services. URL format goes like: https://barcode.tec-it.com/barcode.ashx?data=YOUR-DATA&code=TYPE

Integrating Barcode Display on Your Screen

To manifest a barcode on your screen, integrate an HTML text control. Afterward, modify the HTMLText property of this control to encompass an image, ensuring the SRC attribute aligns with the chosen barcode service.

As an illustration, consider a scenario where a text input control is embedded for users to input a barcode number (denoted as barcodeInput). For the HTML text control, the following snippet can be used to fetch the barcode image from Barcodes Inc:

<img src="https://www.barcodesinc.com/generator/image.php?code=" & barcodeInput.Text & "&style=197&type=C128B&width=500&height=100&xres=1&font=3"/>



Manifesting barcodes within your app can be streamlined by leveraging online barcode generators. By employing an HTML text control in Power Apps, and referencing the online generator’s URL, barcode visuals can be effortlessly rendered on your screen.

If you ever face challenges or need deeper insights into barcode integrations or any other technical matters, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are on standby, ready to assist!

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