Addressing the ‘Something Went Wrong 1200’ Error in Power Apps Troubleshooting Tips

Addressing the ‘Something Went Wrong 1200’ Error in Power Apps: Troubleshooting Tips


Solutions to the ‘Hmmm… Something Went Wrong 1200’ Power Apps Issue


As Power Apps users, we often encounter a perplexing issue labeled as ‘Hmmm… Something went wrong 1200’. Not only can it disrupt your workflow, but fortunately, with the right steps, we can address it seamlessly.

Instances where Power Apps Studio fails to load and displays the aforementioned error might seem daunting at first. However, predominantly, this arises due to browser restrictions on local data storage or impediments set against third-party cookies by Power Apps. This is notably common when using the ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ browser modes. Moreover, we can dive deeper into this error with the official Microsoft documentation.

Personal Experience with Firefox Containers

During a recent endeavor, I encountered this error while trying to operate Power Apps within a newly minted Firefox container tab. For those unaware, Firefox containers resemble profiles in Chrome and Edge, permitting users to segment sessions and manage Power Apps with assorted accounts.

The standard troubleshooting doesn’t delve deep into Firefox specifics. To my surprise, the root cause of this issue on my end was inadequate disk space. Interestingly, Firefox’s quota mechanism amasses available storage capacity for specific websites across containers. The limited quota for my fresh container triggered this error. For a comprehensive grasp on quotas, one can refer to Mozilla’s official resources. Still, to maintain the integrity of our sources, we shall steer clear of non-specified links.

Steps to Counter the ‘Hmmm… Something Went Wrong 1200’ Error

  1. Clear your browser’s cookies and history.
  2. Ensure the ‘block third-party cookies’ option isn’t activated in your browser settings.
  3. Experiment with a distinct browser.
  4. Examine your system’s free disk space, ensuring it’s not close to exhaustion.


Encountering the ‘Hmmm… Something went wrong 1200’ error can be frustrating, but by adopting the above measures, it becomes manageable. Always ensure your browser settings and system conditions are optimized for Power Apps. Stay patient and systematic in your approach.

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