Top 7 InfoPath Replacement Options Alternatives to PowerApps Explained

Top 7 InfoPath Replacement Options: Alternatives to PowerApps Explained

Looking for alternatives to PowerApps? When considering the journey from InfoPath, it’s crucial to evaluate all options that might better align with your requirements. PowerApps, being a successor to discontinued Microsoft products like InfoPath and Access Web Apps, offers a modern approach to building business applications. However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. In this article, we will explore 7 viable alternatives to PowerApps.

Why consider alternatives to PowerApps?

For businesses ingrained in the Microsoft ecosystem, transitioning to PowerApps seems logical, especially given its inclusion in certain Office 365 packages. However, PowerApps might not be the exact fit for everyone’s needs. For more insights, consider the available discussions highlighting the limitations of PowerApps.

1. Microsoft Forms

Offering simplistic form generation, Microsoft Forms is apt for survey, quiz, and poll creation, majorly targeting the educational domain, acting as a competitor to products like Google Forms. An advantage over PowerApps is its accessibility to unauthenticated/public users. Responses can be reviewed online on its platform.

Microsoft Forms Overview

Fig 1 – Microsoft Forms

Although not an InfoPath replacement as per Microsoft, it could cater to specific requirements. Learn more about Microsoft Forms.

2. SkyBow

SkyBow, tailored as an alternative for InfoPath, Access Web Apps, and Lotus Notes, provides solutions with features like email integration, search functionalities, and more, primarily using SharePoint for data storage.

SkyBow Overview

Fig 2 – SkyBow

Discover more about the offerings of SkyBow.

3. Stratus Forms

Stratus Forms, unique in its offering of a free non-commercial license, enables form creation over SharePoint. It doesn’t present a visual designer akin to PowerApps but offers rich customization via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Stratus Forms Overview

Fig 3 – Stratus Forms

For more information, visit the Stratus Forms website.

4. Nintex Forms

Nintex, a reputed solution, endows users with workflow capabilities and rich features, including support for JavaScript and CSS.

Nintex Forms Overview

Fig 4 – Nintex Forms

Delve deeper into Nintex Forms and its robust features.

5. FlowForma

FlowForma, a comprehensive platform, boasts of tools like an InfoPath migration utility, document creation, and workflows, storing data within SharePoint.

FlowForma Forms Overview

Fig 5 – FlowForma Forms

Learn more about FlowForma and its capabilities.

6. Lightning Forms (SharePoint Forms Editor)

Lightning Forms, a form creator tailored for SharePoint, offers workflow utilities and the provision to infuse logic via expressions.

Lightning Forms Overview

Fig 6 – Lightning Forms

Get a deeper understanding of Lightning Forms.

7. Formotus

Formotus stands out with offline functionality, InfoPath conversion, and robust mobile support. It enables Excel file imports for form utilization and data submissions to platforms like SharePoint and Google Docs.

Formotus Overview

Fig 7 – Formotus

Dive into Formotus and its diverse offerings.


In conclusion, while PowerApps serves as a promising option, it’s essential to gauge other alternatives. This guide aims to shed light on form-centric products apt for non-developers. PowerApps does flaunt features like on-premises data connectivity and frequent updates, but it’s also paired with challenges. Thankfully, products like Flow can help address these challenges. Should you have any queries or need further technical assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist and guide you through your digital transformation journey.

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