Merging Collections in PowerApps A Comprehensive Guide to Adding Multiple Columns

Merging Collections in PowerApps: A Comprehensive Guide to Adding Multiple Columns


How to Merge Collections in PowerApps Using AddColumns: A Comprehensive Guide!

Welcome to the ‘Merge PowerApps Collections Guide: A Comprehensive Journey.‘ This guide is dedicated to exploring the intricacies of merging collections in PowerApps using the AddColumns function. This essential technique is pivotal for enhancing data visibility and efficiency by seamlessly joining multiple columns. Our focus will be on the multi-column method within PowerApps to achieve efficient data amalgamation, offering a detailed, step-by-step approach for better comprehension and implementation.

Initial Collections

Let’s consider two sample collections for this demonstration:


ProductID      QuantitySold
  1001              4
  1002              5
  1001              7
  1000              1
  1000              8


ProductID    ProductName    UnitPrice    Stock
  1000         Jacket          70          10
  1001         T-Shirt         30          4
  1002         Baseball Cap    20          8

Desired Output

After joining the columns, our desired output collection, named myMergedData, will look something like this:

ProductID    QuantitySold    ProductName      UnitPrice     InStock
  1001            4             T-Shirt           30           4
  1002            5             Baseball Cap      20           8
  1001            7             T-Shirt           30           4
  1000            1             Jacket            70           10
  1000            8             Jacket            70           10


Here’s the PowerApps solution code to achieve the above results:

// Initialize two collections
{ProductID: "1000", 'ProductName': "Jacket", UnitPrice: 70},
{ProductID: "1001", 'ProductName': "T-Shirt", UnitPrice: 30},
{ProductID: "1002", 'ProductName': "Baseball Cap", UnitPrice: 20}

{ProductID: "1001", QuantitySold: 4},
{ProductID: "1002", QuantitySold: 5},
{ProductID: "1001", QuantitySold: 7},
{ProductID: "1000", QuantitySold: 1},
{ProductID: "1000", QuantitySold: 8}

// Code to join columns from another collection


  1. Collect, Clear, and ClearCollect functions 

Should you face any hurdles while implementing this or any other technical queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to assist you. Our main aim is to help you navigate through PowerApps seamlessly, ensuring efficiency in your operations. You can also leverage our expertise for advanced solutions.


Joining columns from different collections in PowerApps can greatly enhance data visibility and operations. Utilizing the powerapps addcolumns multiple columns technique, we’ve seamlessly merged relevant data from two collections. This allows for more efficient data management and clearer insights. If you’re looking to optimize your PowerApps experience or need assistance with similar functionalities, feel free to reach out to our expert team.

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