Mastering NFC Tag Setup with Power Apps A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering NFC Tag Setup with Power Apps: A Comprehensive Guide

NFC Tag Setup: Integrating with Power Apps

Discover the seamless integration of NFC technology with Power Apps. Dive into how NFC tags can transform the way we perceive data transfer and learn the best practices for setting them up. For any assistance or further insights, don’t hesitate to contact us.


With technological advancements, Power Apps has broadened its horizon to include NFC tag data reading capabilities. This article elucidates this innovative feature, guiding you through writing data to NFC tags and fetching values within a canvas app.

Understanding NFC

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communications, is a groundbreaking technology that allows short-distance communication, roughly around 4cms, between paired devices. This tech is behind the magic of contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Even more exciting, both Android and iOS platforms have embraced NFC, revolutionizing data sharing and setups.

NFC Applications

Common applications of NFC span from tagging to identification:

  • Inventory Management – Track products in warehouses efficiently.
  • User Identification – Employees checking in or out at different locations.
  • Announcements – Scan posters to access detailed web pages.

Getting Your Hands on NFC Tags

Obtaining NFC tags is a cakewalk. I recommend basic NFC stickers for beginners, which are budget-friendly, priced around $3 for a pack of ten. The NTAG chip varieties such as NTAG203, NTAG212, NTAG213, NTAG215, and NTAG216 are the most versatile. Of these, NTAG212 and NTAG213 are affordable and ideal for regular use, while the higher-end ones offer enhanced range and capacity.

Programming an NFC Tag

After securing an NFC tag, the subsequent step is data inscription. Employ an NFC writing app of your choice. One such renowned app is NFC tools, compatible with both Android and iOS.

Within the app:

  1. Select the ‘write’ tab.
  2. Hit the ‘Add a record’ option to specify the desired text or URL.
  3. Press the ‘write’ button, initiating a prompt to scan the NFC tag, subsequently inscribing the data upon successful scanning.

For instance, you can save “Product123” in the text field and “” in the URL field.

Reading NFC Tag Data Using a Canvas App

In a canvas app, utilize the ReadNFC function to access NFC tag content. Key properties that ReadNFC yields include Text and URI. If you encounter challenges while setting up or using this function, feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance.

To harness the full capabilities of the ReadNFC function, refer to the official documentation available on Microsoft’s website.


Power Apps’ capability to decipher text and URL data from NFC tags is a monumental stride in modern technology. This article furnished insights into this feature, acquainting you with NFC tag setup and data extraction techniques within a canvas app. For further assistance or to explore more technological solutions, we invite you to contact us today!

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