Mastering Date Format Changes in Collections with Nathan Devaney’s Method

Mastering Date Format Changes in Collections with Nathan Devaney’s Method


How to Change The Date Format In A Collection Column with Nathan Devaney’s Method

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on changing date formats within a collection column. Whether you are a seasoned developer or just starting out, this guide by Nathan Devaney is tailored to help you seamlessly adjust date formats in your collection column, ensuring the best practices are maintained.

Input Collection: birthDates20

Person Birthday
Denis 11/03/1987
Rebecca 02/01/1978
Audrie 21/11/1992
Nathan 15/05/1995
Jared 27/09/1956

Output Collection: dateSolution20

Person Birthday
Denis 1987-03-11
Rebecca 1978-01-02
Audrie 1992-11-21
Nathan 1995-05-15
Jared 1956-09-27

Solution Code:

        // Initialize the collection
        {Person: "Denis", Birthday: Text(Date(1987,03,11),"[$-en-US]dd/mm/yyyy")},
        {Person: "Rebecca", Birthday: Text(Date(1978,01,02),"[$-en-US]dd/mm/yyyy")},
        {Person: "Audrie", Birthday: Text(Date(1992,11,21),"[$-en-US]dd/mm/yyyy")},
        {Person: "Nathan", Birthday: Text(Date(1995,05,15),"[$-en-US]dd/mm/yyyy")},
        {Person: "Jared", Birthday: Text(Date(1956,09,27),"[$-en-US]dd/mm/yyyy")}

        // Date reformatting code
            {Birthday: Text(DateValue(Birthday,"en-US"),"[$-en-US]yyyy-mm-dd")}

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  1. Collect, Clear, and ClearCollect functions
  2. Update and UpdateIf functions


Changing the date format in a collection column might seem daunting initially, but with Nathan Devaney’s method and our comprehensive guide, it becomes a breeze. Remember, practice is key to mastering any coding task, and should you need any help along the way, our team is here to support you. Happy coding!

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