Key Takeaways from Microsoft Build 2022 Power Platform and More

Key Takeaways from Microsoft Build 2022: Power Platform and More


Insights from Microsoft Build 2022

Every year, tech enthusiasts eagerly await the Microsoft Build conference. This year’s Microsoft Build 2022 proved no different, bursting with breakthroughs and announcements. Let’s dive into the event’s key takeaways.

An Overview of Microsoft Build 2022

Known as Microsoft’s premier event for developers, Microsoft Build 2022 recently concluded. The event offered updates from every tech corner under the Microsoft umbrella.

For a detailed roundup, I recommend checking out the Build 2022 Book of News on Microsoft’s official site. It covers an exhaustive list of product revelations.

Highlighting the Major Announcements

  • Project Voltara pushes forward Windows on the ‘Arm architecture’, extending support for enhanced AI workloads through CPUs, GPUs, and NPUs.
  • Dev Box offers cloud-centric workstations, pre-loaded with development software.
  • MS Teams introduces the new ‘Live Share’ feature to enhance app collaboration and annotation capabilities.
  • Azure OpenAI reveals its upgraded AI features.
  • The conference made significant announcements about the Power Platform.

Zooming in on the Power Platform

I had the privilege of attending the in-person gathering at the UK Microsoft headquarters on the second day of Build. The team organized the event impeccably, hosting approximately 400 attendees. Networking with prominent figures from the Power Platform and the broader developer arena felt truly remarkable. Many identified the unveiling of Express Design as a unanimous highlight.

Express Design stands out as a feature that turns a hand-sketched image of a form into a functional digital form. People expect this feature to change the game, especially for those new to form design.

The conference also launched Power Pages, a rebranded version of Power Apps Portals. Instead of just being a part of Power Apps, Power Pages now functions as an individual product. This shift has enriched the Power Platform suite, also including Power Automate, Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents.

Final Thoughts

The Microsoft Build 2022 conference shed a spotlight on the Power Platform, highlighting its increasing importance in the tech world. Being involved in this technological sphere promises exciting and innovative opportunities.

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