Guide to Configuring the “Select Function” in PowerApps for Optimal Gallery Control

Guide to Configuring the “Select Function” in PowerApps for Optimal Gallery Control

Select Function PowerApps: Configuring Gallery Control with No Selected Item

When working with PowerApps, a common requirement arises: configuring the Gallery Control such that no items are selected by default. But how do you accomplish this? In this guide, we’ll dive deep into setting up a gallery control with no selected items on load in PowerApps.

Why is there a Need for No Selected Items?

PowerApps gallery controls, by their very nature, select the first item by default. While this can be useful in some scenarios, there are instances where it might not be the desired behavior. For example, consider a scenario where an app developer designs a screen that displays details of a selected record in an adjacent form. In such cases, presenting the screen without any record selected can enhance user experience. This ensures that the user sees the details of a record only when they select it intentionally. Moreover, for aesthetic purposes, designers might style the selected item in the gallery differently. Hence, having no selected item during the initial load can make for a better presentation and user experience.

Steps to Configure No Selected Item in Gallery Control

Let’s walk through the process of setting up a gallery control so that it does not select any item by default:

  1. Firstly, while constructing the screen, include both a gallery control and a form control. Here, the form control’s item property should be tied to the gallery control’s SelectedItem property.
  2. For ensuring that no records are selected by default when the screen loads, you need to adjust the Item property of the gallery control. Set it to an empty record using the following formula: {}.
  3. If you wish to deselect a previously selected item, you can leverage the OnVisible property of the screen. Alternatively, you can place this at any location where you intend to clear the selected item. Simply reset the gallery control using the reset command: Reset(Gallery1).


Configuring a gallery control in PowerApps to start with no selected items enhances user experience and offers better control over app presentation. By setting the item property to an empty record and using the reset function appropriately, one can easily achieve this behavior. PowerApps offers flexibility and, with the right guidance, can cater to varied app requirements. Remember, if you face any challenges or need further insights on this topic or any other related to PowerApps, contact us for dedicated assistance. We’re here to help and can provide expert guidance tailored to your needs.

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