Collection Guide How to Efficiently Extract a Column from a Collection

Collection Guide: How to Efficiently Extract a Column from a Collection


Extracting A Column from a Collection: A Detailed Guide

Welcome to this tutorial, where we will explore the method to extract a specific column from a collection, focusing on the keyword collection. The objective is to make the collection manipulation process straightforward and efficient, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer.

Input Collection: carCollection45

SerialNo Year Make Model
6453 2016 Toyota Corolla
8946 2014 Honda Civic

Output Collection: solutionCollection45


How to Achieve this?

The following code provides a solution to generate the output collection based on our input collection:

// Create a collection
{SerialNo: "6453", Year: 2016, Make: "Toyota", Model: "Corolla"},
{SerialNo: "8946", Year: 2014, Make: "Honda", Model: "Civic" },
//... Similar entries for other rows

// Extract a column from the collection

By using the above code, you can effortlessly generate a new collection from an existing collection by extracting only the desired column.

If you’re working on PowerApps or related technologies, this method will be particularly handy. For more details and advanced scenarios, you might want to refer to the official documentation on and


Many developers often wonder how to effectively extract a column from a collection, especially when dealing with large datasets in platforms like PowerApps.



The process of extracting a specific column from a collection can be simplified using the approach discussed above. The keyword collection emphasizes the importance of collection manipulation. Always ensure that you’re using reliable code and referring to trusted sources for your projects.

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