A Comprehensive Guide to Saving Media Files from Canvas Apps in Power Apps Studio

A Comprehensive Guide to Saving Media Files from Canvas Apps in Power Apps Studio

Save Media: Extracting Files from a Canvas App

Date: May 6, 2022

In today’s digital age, managing and reusing media resources has become crucial for developers. This guide focuses on illustrating a simple and effective method to save media files like images, videos, and audio from canvas apps, especially when working with apps developed by someone else.


While working with Power Apps Studio, many developers have experienced a shift in features. There was once a straightforward method to download media files directly onto one’s computer. However, recent changes have transformed the way we interact with media on the platform.

Changes in Power Apps Studio

In the past, the Power Apps Studio allowed users to easily download and save media files onto their local PCs using the File > Media menu item. Now, this menu directs users to a left-hand media pane that unfortunately doesn’t offer this capability. Yet, the need to save media files becomes essential when the aim is to repurpose media resources for other applications.

How to Save Media Files from an App

For those wanting to extract media from an app, such as from a pre-existing company app developed by a third party, there’s a workaround to consider. Let’s understand this process using the sample leave request template app as an example:

  1. First, ensure the app is saved locally as an msapp file. This can be done through the File > Save As (This computer) menu option.
  2. Here’s where the magic happens: An msapp file is essentially a ZIP file, but with an msapp extension. Once the file is on your local device, rename it by replacing the msapp extension with ZIP.
  3. Upon unzipping this file, there’s a folder titled “Assets” containing all the media files.
  4. To see how these files are associated with your app, you can compare them with the images present in the media pane of Power Apps Studio.
Screenshot showcasing the media files in the Assets folder


For professionals looking to save media files embedded in a canvas app, the process is straightforward. By saving the app as an msapp file, converting it to a ZIP, and then extracting it, one can easily access and reuse the media stored in the “Assets” folder. This method ensures that valuable resources are never lost and can be repurposed as needed.

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